What is Access Corby?

The voluntary and community sector in Corby have come together to form a consortium which plans to bid for funding from Northamptonshire County Council to deliver preventative services in Corby. Access Corby is the name given to this consortium. It will be a new organisation that will be registered as a company limited by Guarantee and a Charity.

The story so far?

In response to Northamptonshire County Councils prevention consultation, a group of organisations from the sector in Corby met to discuss how they could work together to deliver prevention services in Corby. Corby VCS have been facilitating this process. From January this year the group began to formalise themselves and encourage wider participation. We have invited external organisations to give us the benefit of their experience and knowledge. ACEVO have helped us identify a model (Hub and Spoke) and Reaching People, a VCS consortia based in Leicestershire, came to tell us about his experiences of developing a consortium.

The consortium have agreed:

Membership - there will be three levels as set out below:

Membership fees:

  1. Up to £100,00 - £250
  2. Over £100,000 & Up to £500,000 - £500
  3. Over £500,001 & up to £1,000,000 - £750
  4. £1,000,001 and over - £1,000

The Objects:

"To promote any charitable purposes for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Borough of Corby and elsewhere, including but not limited to the relief of poverty, distress and illness, the advancement of education and training, the preservation and protection of health, the promotion of social inclusion, the advancement of community cohesion, and the preservation and conservation of the environment."

Next Steps

There is a shadow Board in place who are currently developing its articles of association. The consortium is currently establishing Corby's core priorities for prevention and identifying the impact current services are making to the people of Corby. Access Corby is establishing a Corby user forum.


Northamptonshire County Council's website has a prevention page where you will find information about the entire prevention consultation process:

Northamptonshire Observatory, link to the JSNA profile for Corby:

Corby Healthcare:

Access Corby. Downloads

Access Corby Articles of Association (.pdf)

Access Corby Code of Conduct (.pdf)

Access Corby Membership Application Form (.doc)

NCC Prevention strategy - helping you to help yourself (.pdf)

Corby Health Profile 2012 (.pdf)

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment for Corby (.pdf)

Corby Prevention service user's forum (.docx)

Prevention service user's questionnaire (.doc)