The Car Pool has been running a successful service in Corby for more than 30 Years, and over this period we have transported thousands of people to hospital and clinic appointments all over the U.K.

The service would not be such a success without the dedication of our small group of volunteer drivers who give up their time for this project. The only payment the drivers receive is the reimbursement of fuel costs, which is payable by the client.

In cases where the client is in receipt of certain benefits, the hospital or clinic they are attending will reimburse the driver all or part of their expenses. Persons in receipt of the following benefits may fall into this category: income support; family tax credits; exemption certificate - HC3, HC2; unemployment UB40; disability working allowance. (Disclaimer: The above information was provided by Kettering General Hospital. We cannot accept responsibility if the details are incorrect.)

For just £20 per year, you can get transport here at Corby VCS Car Pool. Drivers will also wait for up to two and a half hours for you. Please remember that we require advance booking time which is currently running at one week. For more information contact Lynne Robson on 01536 269482.

Interested in becoming a volunteer driver? Contact Lynne Robson or pop into Corby VCS for more information.

Lynne Robson - Car Pool Coordinator

01536 269482