What is voluntary work?

Voluntary work is unpaid and you can do as little or as much as you feel able to do. There are a wide range of local organisations that provide valuable services to the community.

Voluntary work doesn't discriminate and promotes equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of their age, ethnic origin, employment status or disability.

You can choose what issues and projects you want to be involved with, such as:

What benefits could I gain from volunteering?

There are many reasons why you should volunteer:

What sort of work do we have available?

Corby VCS has many vacancies in and around the Corby area, including:

How do I start?

Think about what you would like to do, and contact Corby VCS to arrange an interview with our volunteer coordinator, who will have an informal chat with you and suggest some suitable opportunities for you. Alternatively, visit do-it and browse our current vacancies online.


Starting anything new which is unfamiliar can make you anxious. You are not alone, all organisations will offer support to their volunteers, but if you do have any worries about your work or ‘fitting in’, you can always contact Corby VCS for advice and moral support.

Is it worthwhile?

Yes! You will soon start to notice the benefits that voluntary work has to offer. You’ll make friends, learn new skills or start a hobby. You will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping others within the community. Your efforts will make a difference and you will be appreciated.

What next?

When deciding to become involved in voluntary work, there are some things you may want to consider:

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